Dan The PC Man

The Cheapest PC Tech In Town. Period.


*** Your Man For Windows 8.1 Training & Virus Removal ***

Proudly serving Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin for over a decade

I want to welcome you to Dan The PC Man online. For almost 13 years now, I've been providing 100% onsite PC support to residents and small businesses. I come out to you. NOT the other way around. My hours, 8-8 Mo-Fri and 8-1 on Sat, are perfect for your hectic schedule. My work is guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year out the door, and since I always negotiate the bill, my rates on service can't be beat!

Don't get a geek. Get a Dan.

I'm NO geek. I'm just an average guy, who knows WAY more about computers than I need to. I'll explain complex PC lingo in a language we can all understand, and give an honest assessment on fixing your PC vs replacement.
Call me to tame that Evil PC today.

The best pc tune up in town!

If you'd rather go to the dentist than use your SLOW computer, get Dan. I can speed up your PC by as much as 75%!

I'll make your PC run faster than it was new!

I'll remove bugs, spyware, junk data, unused programs, etc.

I'll answer all your "dumb" questions and teach as I go!

I'll make your PC more stable and enjoyable to use!

I'll put your mind at ease with a FREE anti-virus solution!

Dan The PC Man
(920) 412-6569
Green Bay, WI
Monday-Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm


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